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Welcome to Malka Communications Group!

We are one of the premier providers of interpreting services for the Deaf. Our mission is to surpass the government threshold of "reasonable communication" and provide equal communication for the Deaf in all aspects. We believe that every client matters and we aim to provide effective communication for every conversation. 

A brief history:

Founded in 2010, Malka quickly grew and earned a reputation for attentiveness and a deep, personal understanding of the needs of the Deaf community. Our CEO Nataly Malka is Deaf, and thus uniquely qualified to understand the nuances and challenges of the dynamic between Deaf, Interpreter, and Hearing party. Ms. Malka has set and held high standards for effective and proficient communication, and we are proud to offer you exceptional interpreting services, both in-person and virtually.

Why we are your first option:

Here at Malka, we offer MalkaTERP (in-person interpretation) in both English and Spanish, and MalkaVRI (Video Remote Interpreting) in English. We are happy to provide you with the highest communication standards in the industry. Our hand-picked interpreters are some of the best, maintaining a 100% attendance rate with zero cancellations. MalkaVRI is equipped with cutting-edge technology, ensuring that our services are a step above the rest. Most importantly, our prices are flexible and competitive, taking into consideration the needs of our customers.

Contact us at (818) 990-0278 so we can help you today!